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Studio Inganmi


beauty of being human

Film &
Photo Production in Los Angeles

About Us

We are a collective of storytellers, a close-knit family of creative minds bound together by a shared passion for exploring and expressing the depth and diversity of the human experience.


In the summer of 2021, Studio Inganmi's very own, Sara Chung and Gina Kim set out to make their first narrative film titled, "Inganmi." With the generous guidance of ASC Mentee, Andrés Ramirez and a sponsorship from Panavision—Gina and Sara's shared dream was ignited into reality.

Their film premiered at an Oscar and BAFTA-qualifying film festival on July 24, 2023. 

Our Services

Narrative Film, Documentary, Commerical, Special Events, Wedding Films.

Featured Clientele

Sang Makgeolli

Documentary (Coming Soon)


Sara Chung

Director  |  Writer

Sara Chung made her directorial debut with the film Inganmi, a project she also co-wrote and co-produced; made possible by a sponsorship from Panavision. Currently on a festival run extending to 2024; in July of 2023, Inganmi will be premiering at an Oscar and BAFTA-Qualifying Film Festival.

Gina Kim

Writer  |  Production Designer

B.A. in Architecture,

Yale University

Cailey Beck

Writer |  Producer

B.A. in Comparative Literature,

University of California Los Angeles

Yooyeon Kim


Since working in the Korean theater industry, Yooyeon Kim has expanded the scope of her service to the film industry, where she has connected high-profile Korean actors to projects in the US.

Yoontaek Hong

Director of Photography

Venturing out of the Korean film industry where Hong has worked on productions such as the Kdrama, Tracer (2021) and the film—Spring of Seoul (2022), Hong is building a career in the US while obtaining a B.A. in Theory and Practice of Cinema.

Brandon Yi


B.A. in Creative Writing,

University of California Santa Barbara

Esteban Chang


At the young age of 20, Esteban Chang is an Argentinian-Korean, editor and cinematographer with more than five years of experience in the film industry.


B.S. in Film Production, 

The Los Angeles Film School

Nick Robinson

Storyboard Artist

Eugene Yi


B.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication,

Pepperdine University
B.F.A. in Music Performance (Piano),

Pepperdine University

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