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Sara Chung is a 22-year-old Korean-American filmmaker from Los Angeles, whose work is driven by a passion for storytelling that inspires and uplifts. Her directorial debut, "Inganmi," a project sponsored by Panavision, is making its mark in film festivals worldwide through 2024, including a premiere at an Oscar-qualifying festival and winning Best Short Film at a South Korean festival.

In 2023, inspired by her journey with "Inganmi," Sara co-founded Studio Inganmi with fellow filmmakers, aiming to create films that resonate deeply with audiences. Her partnership with childhood best friend and writer, Gina Kim, explores themes of love, humanity, and personal growth, influenced by innovative works like "Moonlight" and "Adventure Time."

Sara is immensely grateful for the mentorship she has received early in her career, which has included opportunities to work alongside industry veterans and an Academy Award-winning actress. These experiences have inspired her to one day mentor newcomers to the film industry herself, aspiring to provide the same support and opportunities that were crucial to her own development. Sara is committed to continuing her journey in filmmaking, focused on both crafting meaningful stories and nurturing the next generation of talent.


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